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Weapon Martial Art

Broadsword of Eight Directions

Broadsword of Eight Direction (or Ba Gua Dao) is also named as Eight Triagram Broadsword. This routine emphasises many key techniques for Chinese broadsword, such as coiling, chopping, thrusting, pointing, tilting and parrying. Dao Shu is characterized by swift, explosive movements and ferocity, that consists of vigour, speed, force and power. There is an old adage, "The single broadsword play depends on the idle hand; the double broadsword play depends on the footwork" and "Broadsword is like tiger while sword is like dragon".

Ba Gua Dao

"Broadsword of Eight Direction (Ba Gua Dao)"

Five Tiger Spear

Five Tiger Spear (or Wu Hu Qiang), also known as "Five Tiger Soul Chasing Spear", is a spear routine in the Ten Chinwoo Fundamental Routines. It includes the movement of blocking, piercing, slashing, trapping, whipping, and splitting. Yet, there are three core principle of this routine, i.e. parry, press and pierce (or Lan-Na-Zha). The name "Five Tiger Soul Chasing Spear" was named after its ferocity resembling the legendary five tiger generals - Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, and Huang Zhong chasing after their enemies in the field, striking and piercing their necks.

Five Tiger Spear (or Wu Hu Qiang)

"Five Tiger Spear (or Wu Hu Qiang)"

Straight Sword

A double-edge sword (or Jian) is a light weapon, which focuses on speed complemented by spinning and continuous body movements without raw power. Its brisk, nimble and creative swordplay displays defensive and offensive movements such as hacking, tilting, pointing. stabbing, and parry techniques. In Chinese folklore, it is known as one of the four "The Gentleman of Weapons", along with staff, spear, and broadsword.

Swordplay (Jian Shu)

"Swordplay (Jian Shu)"

Shepherd Staff

Shepherd Staff (or Qun Yang Gun) was a routine prevailed in Hebei Province of northern China and belongs to the Shaolin family. It is one of the Ten Chinwoo Fundamental Routines. This staff contains the skill of chopping, upper-cutting, blocking, point-striking, sweeping and intercepting. Its clear-cut movements and various confrontation techniques have made itself an ideal, double-end staff routine.

Shepherd Staff (Qun Yang Gun)

"Shepherd Staff (Qun Yang Gun)"