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Versus Martial Art

Single Broadsword Versus Spear

Single Broadsword Versus Spear (or Dan Dao Chuan Qiang) is a two-person choreographed fighting form. One person wields a single broadsword and faces against another person armed with a spear. This routine is performed at full combat speed, and requires skill, accuracy and coordination.

Single Broadsword Versus Spear (Dan Dao Chuan Qiang)

"Single Broadsword Versus Spear"

Double Straight Sword

The Double Straight Sword (or Jian Dui Jian) requires great skill to master, and is one of the most dazzling and elegant weapons to behold. Our Wushu lightweight double straight swords come complete with a beautiful wooden double scabbard.

Double Straight Sword (Jian Dui Jian)

"Double Straight Sword"