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The Story of Our Founder

Master Teng Wie Yoo has started practising martial art since 1960. Under the guidance of Grandmaster Yap Shu Shen, Master Teng has fully mastered the Northern Shaolin Kungfu style, from the adapted Chinese bare-handed and weapons forms, to Monkey and Praying Mantis kung fu styles. And so, Master Teng practised the art of Qi gong, 42-Step Tai Chi along with Ung Tai Chi sword and spear. The sky as the limit; There is no boundary to knowledge for Master Teng to be qualified in Northern Lion Dance, International Wushu routines, Acupressure and Reflexology.

  Tai Chi Five Tiger Spear

"Our Founder - Master Teng"

In 1973, Master Teng successfully obtained a gold medal in San Shou ( Chinese Kickboxing ) at the Asia Games held in Kuala Lumpur. Following the death of his master ( Master Yap ) in 1979, Master Teng was then elected as a Master of the Chinwoo Athletic Association Selangor & Kuala Lumpur. Markedly in 1991, Master Teng was invited to instill his knowledge and wisdom of martial arts in the students of all 10 schools in Selangor state for over 20 years.

Later in 1999, he resigned and set up his full time association, the Northern Shaolin Chin Woo Wushu Centre. Several disciples under the guidance of Master Teng had participated in various competitions and outstandingly won awards, thus bringing honour to the centre.

Operating our Center around the clock, Master Teng conducts tai chi and martial arts teaching in separate individual groups, as well in different schools and kindergartens in Selangor. Every year, Master Teng is invited over to The British Institute for Chinese Martial Arts ( BICMA ) in London to enlighten over hundreds of students in the art of wushu. In addition, Master Teng also makes regular trips to United Kingdom and shares his martial art skills with the Institute of International Martial Arts. On a personal note, his student Master Alasdair Monteith ( the Head Coach and Director of the British Institute for Chinese Martial Art, UK ) asked about Master Teng's reply was "you travel a long way to get her and you always come back".

In June 2002, Master Teng honourably attained the privilege to demonstrate the rich Chinese martial art culture to Queen Elizabeth II on the 50th anniversary of her throne succession, led by the banner of the British protégé playing and martial arts performances, with direct access to the palace. Later in July 2002, Master Teng played as the role of Chief Judge for the 7th Chin Woo Culture World Assembly.

Besides that, Master Teng enthusiastically participated in three of the major Chinese New Year's television commercial shootings. These advertisements include: (1) Kurnia Insurance's lion dance advertisement in 2003, (2) Tenaga Nasional Bhd Chinese New Year advertisement in 2004, and (3) overseas Mountain Dew advertisement in 2007. Collectively, these ads have successfully earned a lucrative amount of funds for our Centre.

Kurnia Insurance’s lion dance advertisement in 2003 Giving respect from Master Teng

"Kurnia Insurance's lion dance advertisement in 2003"

Zhang Zhen - Master Teng's role in the ad Guess what funny chore he's doing in the screen

"Kurnia Insurance's lion dance advertisement in 2003"

Zhang Zhen - Master Teng's role in the ad The major actors in the ad

"Overseas Mountain Dew advertisement in 2007"

In 2004, Master Teng won two gold medals and a bronze medal in the first International Traditional Wushu Festival held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China. In 2006, Master Teng participated in the Third World Wushu Championships held at Singapore and won two silver medals. Favourably in March 2009, our Founder managed to grab three Gold medals from Hong Kong Wushu International Championship while his students were awarded a total of 11 Gold, five Silver and one Copper medals.

Awarded Master Teng & his students in Hong Kong

"Medals from the 7th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship in 2009"

To this day, our Centre has developed to be a great success owing to the momentous contributions that Master Teng has made over the years and also Grandmaster Yap for his wisdom and guidance which have led to Master Teng's success today.