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The Story of Our Ancestors

Around the year of 1909, Fearless, known in Chinese as Huo Yuanjia, had setup the Chin Woo style. Yap Feng Tze later took up the responsibility to spread this martial art style, by bringing in his nephews, Yap Shu Tian and Yap Shu Xiang to play the teaching role. In 1990, Yap Shu Tian, together with four other masters from Shanghai Chin Woo, established Chin Woo academies in Southeast Asia. Embraced by the growing Chinese community in Kuala Lumpur, Shu Xiang also came along to help his brother in teaching.

Huo YuanJia

"Huo YuanJia"

When both brothers passed away, their youngest brother Yap Shu Shen (our Grandmaster) took over the mantle of teaching Shaolin kungfu at Chin Woo. As a former school teacher at Confucian School in Jalan Hang Jebat, Kuala Lumpur, Yap Shu Shen was also a healer with vast knowledge of treating martial arts injuries. Our grandmaster became reputable once his healing treated the king of Malaysia for back pain.

Our Yap Ancestors

"Our Yap Ancestors "

Yap's Family

"Yap's Family"

Born in 1909, our Grandmaster Yap Shu Shen has dedicated to the martial art until the age of 70 years. He passed away in 1979. Inherited the medicine knowledge from his father, his son, Yap Chan Kor began treating all forms of physical injuries. It was so effective that he set up a clinic since 1982, and ran courses for the interested parties. Master Teng then continued to spread the Chin Woo style every corner of the world until now.